Chapel Hut

Our latest thoughts...

Finally we have delivered and installed our very fist two floor shepherd hut, yes that's right more

Reubens Hut

Well the time has come to let Reuben come in and make his own Shepherd Hut. He had been asking for a while and has always enjoyed coming into the workshop to help out with different projects ( not bad for a 7 year old ) but this is the first big thing he has made for himself. The need for his own hut escalated once we had finished my office and he reserved his build space and set off making the chassis with Karls help of course!

Reubens Hut Wheels Reuben Hut Axles Reuben Hut Chassis Reuben Hut on Chassis Reuben Hut Chassis Shoes Reuben Hut Ceiling Reuben Hut Cladding Reuben Hut Cladding 2

Reuben is pretty happy with how its going so far, I think its awesome!!!!