Chapel Hut

Our latest thoughts...

Finally we have delivered and installed our very fist two floor shepherd hut, yes that's right more

Over engineered to out last you!

Our shepherd huts are substantial structures, coming from a background of rustic chunky furniture we automatically scaled up to make huts. We would rather our huts were over engineered than looked as though they might blow away in a gale! (No chance) And we will never be accused of making a garden shed on wheels. They can be made to any size specification, 14ft x 8ft and 18ft x 8ft being the most typical sizes requested and the huts stand resplendent at 10ft 6″ high.

We have hand forged wheels made specially for our huts by a local artisan blacksmith to a traditionally influenced design. These are then mounted to 8″ x 8″ solid oak beam axles with sub floor joists, also in oak, finished at 6″x3″. Traditional designed oak ‘shoes’ and noggins underly an oak sub floor made from 1″ oak planks which completes our beatufully designed and built solid reclaimed oak chassis. We use eco friendly sheepswool insulation and breathable membrane between the oak sub floor and the finished internal floor which can be in oak or pitch pine planks. We never ever use laminated or engineered flooring.

Our walls, floors and roof spaces are insulated using a mix of sheepswool and hemp eco roll. The curved ribs are made from 11″x3″ reclaimed redwood floor joists in one piece and not a laminated plank. The insulation is covered with a breathable membrane followed by the outer skin of reclaimed timber of your choice. Internally we clad using reclaimed pitch pine boards which can be painted of oiled depending on your preference. Our curved roof is made from galvanised sheeting which is painted a colour of your choice or maybe you would prefer a living sedum roof??

Our structures have more in common with a timber frame house than your usual garden building. The only downside of this, that we can see, is that, given the weight, you will not be moving our huts around with the family hatchback! If,after the hut has been delivered to site, you decide to move its position we would strongly recommend you contact us for help and advice. During the course of ordering a hut from us we will advise of any ground work required and may visit the site to establish access and plan delivery

If one of your main priorities is the longevity of your hut, please compare our spec to other shepherd hut manufacturers, as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for.